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I once asked this literary agent what kind of writing paid the best. He said ransom notes.

Then maybe stop with the #me and go with the #us


Self Improvement Fetish

I’ve had a pet peeve with this for a long time now. Not that I don’t implement some of the advice on myself. Of course, I do. There’s nothing wrong with self-improvement. To a point. I’ve watched what I eat all my life. …

The Wisdom They Give

Credit: Patrick Heagney

Anarchic and Loud

They are anarchic, loud, and insist on their rights. What we can learn from oldish ladies like me and old ladies in general.

If you look at the clichéd images in media, old women sit on park benches. Maybe they feed pigeons — or grandchildren. Or they are beautiful and…

Inspirational Humans

Olivier Nsengimana and his cranes

image courtesy of GorillaDoctors

Fatal Beauty

For some animals, beauty is fatal. The grey-necked crowned crane was almost extinct in Rwanda. But the environmentalist Olivier Nsengimana made himself an advocate for the endangered species — and was successful.

A person part of something bigger than himself

When Olivier Nsengimana explains why he has devoted himself to protecting the environment and animals, he tells about…

Possibly the most most-watched show ever in all streaming and TV history. Why?

Image of Squid Game courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s not simple

The opening scene of episode one: First of all, the rules of the Squid Game aren’t simple. I’m like what the fuck? One foot, two feet, the secret inspector? Inside the line, outside the squid. Simple is throwing dice and counting the dots. That’s simple. Or Hopscotch.

My take after…

Fred knows what he’s talking about

author image

The Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky , or FredD, of Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, Notes from the Underground, Demons, The Brothers Karamazov was born November 11, 1821. All year, there have been various celebrations in the form of theater productions, readings, commemorations, and new editions of his literary works. The…

Womens’ Rights didn’t happen for all women at the same time. We need to remember that.

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

I didn’t know but now I do and I won’t forget

It is a lie that women have been able to vote since 1920. White women have been able to vote since 1920. All Native American women couldn’t vote until 1924. All Asian women couldn’t vote until 1952. All Black women couldn’t vote until 1964.

Any and all celebrations of women’s…

and other news on Putin, China, Mozart, Queenie of Harlem, and uni is back

Photo by Dalindyebo Miso-Mbele on Unsplash

Welcome October and welcome readers to my weekly mishmash of news I found noteworthy and entertaining. Enjoy!

Pauline Viardot and the Holy Grail of Music Manuscripts

From green to greed in one easy step

Photo by Bangyu Wang on Unsplash

Apple would like to be viewed as a responsible corporate citizen that understands the urgency of action on climate change ~ Judd Legum at Popular Information

No need for two-step verification here: Apple is playing a duplicitous game. Full disclosure: I love my Apple devices, I’ve always only used Apple…

Veronika Kaufmann

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