Let me go back inside and face the perils.

Resolutions and stuff

In response to Coffee Challenge: Why I want to be a better me in 2022

Photo by S kelly on Unsplash Graphics by the author

Is it okay to say, I’m happy? Because I am. I know we’ve been conditioned to never be satisfied, always strive for a better self, a better job, more success, more achievements, more money. Voicing I'm happy feels blasphemous. It’s like OMG I can’t ever be happy otherwise I’ll fall…


and other wonderfuls of the week

The three kings in a comic representation Photo: Trueffelpix

Overheard on the bus

  • Say Hi to the grocery store!
  • Say hi to the car!
  • Say hi to the bird up there!
  • Say hi to the other car and the next grocery store we pass!
  • Now, the bus is making a right turn — weeeeee!
  • Oh, it’s going to make a left turn now…


A short story

image by the author

He glanced briefly at the image on his iPhone as the elevator sped upwards. “Arresting features,” he thought to himself. The elevator doors slid open. He looked up. He stepped onto the stage of New York master of the Universe-dom. The scenery: a Eurotrash-chic mash-up of London Gentlemen's Club meets…

On Writing

Find Joy In The Process Of Writing

Photo by Tim Photoguy on Unsplash — the quintessential Viennese dessert

Find joy in the process

“ We started writing for some reason or another, and it’s easy to lose a hold on that reason.We try to churn out word count, tallying numbers as if the numbers matter. And I think it’s easy to lose the reason you write.” Chuck Wendig, bestselling author and blogger


Freedom and Society

It’s impossible to have a reasonable discussion with them

Photo by Anton on Unsplash. Shopping Street Kohlmarkt, First District, Vienna

The protests by anti-vaxxers and corona deniers throughout Europe (Vienna, in several German cities, and elsewhere) showed again that a reasonable exchange of views with these people is impossible.


They shout “freedom” and restrict others in their freedom. They want to be heard yet spit at others in the process…

Veronika Kaufmann

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