Let me go back inside and face the perils. No. It’s too perilous.

Womens’ Rights didn’t happen for all women at the same time. We need to remember that.

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I didn’t know but now I do and I won’t forget

It is a lie that women have been able to vote since 1920. White women have been able to vote since 1920. All Native American women couldn’t vote until 1924. All Asian women couldn’t vote until 1952. All Black women couldn’t vote until 1964.

Any and all celebrations of women’s…

Pop Culture Trivia

Desilu became a powerhouse

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

I love Lucy. For any other Lucy fans, I have trivia for you.

Some of the groundbreaking achievements of I Love Lucy

  • Lucy insisted on casting Desi as her TV husband. CBS didn’t want him. Nobody did as they shopped the concept around. An Immigrant with a thick accent. Everyone said no to Ricky Ricardo. Initially, CBS wanted Lucy’s…

Pandemic Fatigue

Please don’t give me any more details about this mutation or that mutation because I don’t care. It’s what viruses do

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It is time to reshape our conception of mutations. Mutations are not indicative of outlandish and devastating new viral characteristics. Instead, they can inform our understanding of emerging outbreaks. Any claims over the consequences of mutation demand careful experimental and epidemiological evidence. …

Good News

Silence is golden and we are silent and we’re the majority

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The demonstrators against the corona measures are not “the people” nor “the majority”. In pretty much any country I’ve researched.

Around 40,000 participants gathered for a demonstration in the first district of Vienna — where Hitler once held his Anschluss Speech back in 1938 (an indication of what types of…

Unpopular Opinion

Shitheads. Alternatively, Fuckheads.

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I’m currently living in Vienna, in Austria, the little Alpine country in Central Europe where children dance in Lederhosen (yeah, they don’t really) the Sound of Music makes the hills come alive, Mozart lives forever in the form of marzipan-filled chocolates, and Sachertorte is served with luscious freshly whipped creme…

Veronika Kaufmann

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